Emerging BC Black History Tour

Emerging BC Black History Tour

In October of 2022, a group of passionate residents from Brooklyn Center, Minn., visited New York City for a Black history tour, an immersive learning experience centered around race and equity.

The travelers represented Emerging BC, a 40-person cohort created to make Brooklyn Center a more inclusive, supportive and safe place for people of color.

The cohort hopes to address systemic disparities that are prevalent in the city. “The experience, particularly in Brooklyn Center, has not been an equitable one for our residents of color,” said Emerging BC member Julie Bourque. “The door has not been wide open and welcome.”

To help them remedy the lack of community that many residents experience, the group explored places significant to Black history. They addressed topics including immigration, gentrification and racism.

“We looked at a lot of the different places where people were basically pushed out,” said Leigh Adams. “And the word ‘displacement’ was said a lot from our tour guide. That word has a whole different meaning to me now. It’s very hurtful. It’s very painful,” they said.

Their Black history tour began with a visit to the site of Seneca Village in Central Park. While at Ellis Island, they discussed the varied and complex ways many people came to the U.S. They then went on a Harlem heritage tour where they explored the Apollo Theater and walked in the footsteps of icons such as Malcolm X and Maya Angelou.

Members visited Chinatown and the Tenement Museum before taking a social justice tour of Brooklyn that sparked conversations revolving around the effects of rezoning and eminent domain.

The knowledge, tools, perspectives and empathy Emerging BC members acquired during the trip are fueling their mission of building a better Brooklyn Center.

The cohort is excited to build a culture of respect. “We’re not always going to agree… but we should be able to have reasonable respect for one another,” Adams said.

Emerging BC members continued their educational journey in 2023 with a trip to Oakland, Calif.



Quotes from Emerging BC members taken from CCX Media article/video interview.

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