SeaQuest Offers STEM Adventures

SeaQuest Offers STEM Adventures

Take your students on STEM adventures with an exciting journey around the planet at SeaQuest Denver Aquarium.

SeaQuest Littleton is the ultimate land and sea adventure. Journey through five continents where you can see, touch and feed hundreds of animals. SeaQuest offers a great opportunity for exceptional educational events as well, including school field trips and guided tours.

SeaQuest provides enhanced, age-specific adventures for learners of all ages. School field trips are led by a team of SeaQuest animal educators. Elementary and middle school visitors will enjoy hands-on activities designed to test their observation and scientific reasoning skills. Teenage explorers will enjoy live bird demonstrations and learn about animal psychology, positive reinforcement as a training tool, symbiotic relationships and the dangers of invasive species which are taking over certain habitats in the wild.

Guided field trips include a 90 minute interactive tour designed to increase your understanding of the planet’s oceans, marine life and complex ecosystems. SeaQuest is an avid supporter of STEM education; a cohesive, interdisciplinary and applied learning approach. An extensive Guide is available on the SeaQuest Littleton website.

Every day, the staff prepares balanced meals, catering to the taste and nutritional needs of 1,500 species of invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. The species-specific diets have been designed by certified veterinarians and include seafood, fresh fruits, vegetables and live foods such as insects and planktonic animals cultured on site. The health and protection of the animals is of utmost importance. The animal care team and veterinarians works side-by-side regularly monitoring the animals to ensure each one is in good health. SeaQuest requires that all employees follow the policies which are in full alignment with OSHA, local animal control and the veterinarian protocol for the protection and care of all of the creatures.

Many of the animals have been trained to participate in their own healthcare. By learning behaviors like step up and present, the animals are not only more comfortable with regular examinations, but it makes the exam safer for both the animal and the veterinarian. Providing veterinarians with safe, immediate access to an animal is one of the most important aspects of training. Clean, comfortable, naturalistic habitats round out animal care. A computerized life-support system controls temperature, salinity, filtration and other parameters, guaranteeing an animals specific needs are met, from chilled saltwater to tropical freshwater environments.

The team members clean all exhibits and habitats daily with weekly deep cleanings as well. All of the cleaning products used are safe for animals and approved for use by the veterinarians. The animal care teams are filled with trained professionals, many of whom hold degrees in biology, zoology and marine biology. SeaQuest also goes beyond standard requirements by giving on-going specialized training to all members of the staff. The teams work closely with veterinarian and local officials as well to ensure all animal needs are always met or exceeded.

Located just outside Denver and under an hour from Colorado Springs, SeaQuest Littleton is an incredible educational opportunity for your students. Plan to add this adventure to your trip in the Denver area.

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