Disney on Broadway

Disney on Broadway

Disney on Broadway

Breathtaking! Amazing! Phenomenal! You hear these adjectives time and time again from friends, family, and others who’ve just seen a Broadway musical production. It is a truly magical experience. And, when traveling to New York City with students, experiencing a Broadway show is something you just can’t miss. Broadway boasts dozens of venues located in Manhattan’s Theater District along Broadway from 42nd Street to Lincoln Center. The majority of the shows are musicals, and they are influential forms of American culture that have helped make New York City the nation’s cultural capital. Anchoring the District’s southern end, at 214 West 42nd Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues, is the New Amsterdam Theatre, home to Disney on Broadway.

Carmel High School Drama Class enjoying some time in NYC including a workshop with Carmel grad and Broadway star Sarah Litzinger!
Carmel High School Drama Class enjoying some time in NYC including a workshop with a former Carmel graduate and Broadway Star, Sarah Litzinger (far right)!

A musical production company of the Disney Theatrical Group, Disney on Broadway was founded in 1993. It quickly gained a reputation within the theatre industry for creating popular and professional performances, beginning with the renowned “Beauty and the Beast”, and, most recently, “Aladdin”. Here is a list of shows Disney on Broadway has offered, or will be offering:

Beauty and the Beast
The Lion King
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Little Mermaid
The Jungle Book
Mary Poppins

The excitement generated by these Disney musicals is timeless. The energy before a show, the exhilaration inside when the lights dim, the opening number…all these little things build up to performances that are made for one reason: To ‘wow’ you. Years of love go into each one of these productions. The talented people who make these shows can’t wait for you to see what they have to offer next.

As a music director, you want your group to have the experience of a lifetime when traveling with Educational Destinations to New York City. And, as fellow performers in bands, choirs or orchestras, appreciation from your students for live events of this caliber will be amplified.

Avon High School choir members talking with Broadway cast members from
Avon High School choir members with talking with Broadway cast members from “Aladdin” at dinner.

Be sure to include an acclaimed theatre experience on your next student music trip with Educational Destinations (Music Travel Consultants), an official “Preferred Travel Planner” of Disney on Broadway.

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