Educational Destinations is the trailblazer when it comes to Travel Technology
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If you are teaching Math Science Art History English Technology Geography Physics Chemistry Astronomy Language Social Studies we have you covered!

At Educational Destinations, each program is custom-designed to meet your group's wishes, and, best of all, there are no hidden costs. ED is led by accomplished educators who know what needs to happen...

Educational Destinations can plan for you. No planning
Educational Destinations can negotiate for you. No negotiations
Educational Destinations handles the billing. No billing
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Our Features

No Hidden Costs

Truly inclusive pricing with no surprises

Fully managed accounting

No individual accounts, balances and billing

Experienced Representatives

Lead by music educators and advocates

High Quality Suppliers

All our suppliers are carefully screened

Experienced Tour Director

From beginning to end, at your side

Dedicated Operations Staff

Over 165 years, over 68 countries

Representation from ED

At school board and booster meetings.

Safest Technology

My ED Travel is 100%.

and more...

Before traveling, please check out these helpful tips. Be sure to use our Travel Standards Checklist when searching for a travel provider so you and your group may have a safe and worry-free experience.
Before your trip becomes a reality, some homework has to be done. Don't worry, Educational Destinations is here to help.
Music Boosters are often asked to gather information or to plan the group's next trip. If this task falls to you, consider asking one of ED's representatives for professional advice, sample itineraries, and a comprehensive trip proposal.

We're not the only ones giddy about excited about happy with very pleased with singing a tune about Educational Destinations...

Last year, over 14,450 travelers from the 34 states in which we do business traveled with us.

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