Call your Assigned Tour Director or 1.800.616.1112

Weekdays from 8:00am – 4:30pm EST/EDT., your call will be answered by a team member in the Educational Destinations office. After office hours and on weekends or holidays, follow the prompts to connect to the Educational Destinations Manager on Duty for help in an emergency. Your trip's Tour Director may always be contacted at the cell phone number listed in the trip's information booklet.

It is important that Educational Destinations' clients and travelers know that their safety and security is our uppermost concern as we fulfill our mission to provide them positively life-changing travel experiences around the world. Educational Destinations works hard to ensure the safest and smoothest trip possible for each of its traveling groups. Nonetheless, problems and emergencies can occur...if they do, your trip's Educational Destinations Tour Director, who accompanies your group 24/7, can make all the difference. Please notify your Educational Destinations Tour Director of the situation immediately, so he or she may begin working with the Teacher/Group Leader, chaperones and Educational Destinations office to resolve it. Your Educational Destinations Tour Director ensures immediate assistance and direction, and she or he is empowered to take necessary action.

In response to the world’s complexities and the bearing those have on group travel, Educational Destinations has recently partnered with a firm to support its mission to give great experiences to its travelers:


Instrumental to the development of Educational Destinations' Crisis Communication Plan, Indianapolis-based Borshoff is a full-service communications agency with a specialty in proactive and reactive crisis communications plans and implementation. Go to for a look at this valued partner.

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