Tour Participant Payment Agreement

By signing up for a ED® trip, you acknowledge the following, and you agree to timely compliance with the payment schedule as outlined in the Tour Conditions.

  • You agree that if any payments are missed for any reason, you or your traveler shall be subject to removal from the tour and forfeiture of all monies paid.
  • You understand that the tour pricing is based on the number of participants stated in the tour conditions, and that the prices may change up or down with increases or decreases in the number of participants.
  • You also understand that other events or criteria could impact the tour price, thereby increasing or decreasing your trip cost.
  • You agree that in the event that the proposed services cannot be provided due to cancellation or unavailability of said services, Music Travel Consultants and its affiliated companies reserves the right to make substitutions of features of equal value and similar quality, per its Tour Operator’s Responsibility Statement (as written on the MTC®’s website and on the Tour Conditions page).
  • Written cancellations by individual tour members are refundable under the criteria set-forth in the paragraph entitled “Cancellation Information” on the Tour Conditions page.

Signing up for an ED® trip requires the person registering to accept the Tour Participant Payment Agreement, above.

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