Fun President’s Day Activities for Students

Fun President’s Day Activities for Students

President’s Day is the perfect opportunity for teachers to engage students in meaningful learning experiences that celebrate our country’s heritage. By exploring the history of our nation’s leaders, whether through readings, classroom activities or travel to iconic landmarks, teachers can spark curiosity and instill a deeper appreciation for American history among their students. Keep reading for some fun presidential activities.


Presidential Trivia Quizzes

Try trivia quizzes like this one from the Library of Congress or this one from the Smithsonian to encourage learning about past presidents, historical events and significant landmarks in American history. Students can work individually or in teams to answer questions, fostering healthy competition and learning.


Presidential Worksheets and Coloring Pages

Provide worksheets focusing on different aspects of presidential history, such as inaugural speeches, famous quotes, timelines and notable achievements. Tangible ways to interact with historical figures like coloring pages can also be fun — has some great resources.


Presidential Recipe Potluck

Organize a presidential-themed recipe potluck where students bring in recipes inspired by past presidents or their favorite presidential foods. Encourage students to research the culinary preferences of different presidents and share interesting facts about their eating habits. Click here for some patriotic desserts that will be sure to be a hit.


Creative Writing Projects

Invite students to write imaginative pieces, such as fictional diary entries or speeches, from the perspective of a historical president. This encourages creativity while also fostering research skills and historical empathy. Visit the National Archives Presidential Libraries for some fantastic educational resources.


Visit Historical Presidential Sites

Take a class trip to see some of our nation’s most iconic historical landmarks and locations to help students contextualize the information they’ve learned in the classroom. Nothing underscores the true meaning of some of our nation’s fundamental historical events like walking through presidents’ childhood homes, seeing monuments dedicated to our country’s core values or standing where the Declaration of Independence was signed.

While Washington, D.C. might deservedly first come to mind as a location full of presidential learning opportunities, don’t discount the historical sites scattered across the entire country!

Click here to start a conversation with us to plan your perfect presidential adventure.


President’s Day is more than just a day off from school — it’s an opportunity to deepen students’ understanding of our nation’s history and the role of leadership in shaping our society. By incorporating engaging activities like these into learning, teachers can inspire a lifelong appreciation for American history and instill the values of citizenship and civic responsibility in their students.

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