Top 10 Student Language Immersion Trips

Language Immersion Trips

Top 10 Student Language Immersion Trips

Your Language Immersion students are ready to embrace the culture of France and participate in Language Studies International programs. Imagine taking a cooking class in Italy or a Tokyo Skytree Adventure in Japan. Participate in a cultural exchange with local German students and attend an authentic Zhiyuan Workshop in China. Educational Destinations presents our top 10 Student Language Immersion Trips that will expose your students to new educational experiences and create lifelong memories.


France Language Immersion Trips

From the City of Lights to the beautiful country side, it’s time to plan a visit to France. With more than 229 million speakers, French is widely spoken around the world not only in France, but in Canada, Belgium, Western and Central Africa, Guiana in South America and several Caribbean islands. Walk the streets of Paris and gain an immersed language experience you could never have in a classroom. A perfect destination to test your French language skills while enjoying the historic landmarks, high fashion, notable pieces of art and world-renowned cuisine. Your students will embrace the culture of France and participate in Language Studies International programs, cooking classes or just enjoy iconic attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, l’Arc de Triomphe, le Louvre, Notre-Dame Cathedral and more.

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Spain Language Immersion Trips

With over 20 countries that present Spanish as the official language and well over 400 million people speaking Spanish, Spain is by far the most educational of destinations for language travel. Your students will take part in interactive language lessons, cooking classes and dinner with other students of Spain, along with breath-taking sites like the Granada’s Alhambra palaces or the outrageous architectural wonders of Antoni Gaudi. Take your experience up a notch and participate in a Spanish flying trapeze class. Enjoy traveling exhibitions and rotating displays of modern art at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao or experience the San Lorenzo de El Escorial, so massive, it includes a monastery, church, royal palace, mausoleum, library and museum. Students will explore an incredible collection of anatomical models, mummified body parts and human bones at the Javier Puerta Museum of Anatomy. Full of grand museums and engaging attractions, Spain is an educational destination full of language immersion opportunities.

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Germany Language Immersion Trips

One of the major languages of the world, German is spoken by roughly 228 million people. Enjoy Germany’s age-old Bavarian traditions and castles, tiny romantic villages as well as the tastes of German food as you explore your way through the country. Embrace some of Europe’s top museums, like the Ludwig Museum, that features an impressive Picasso collection. For the high-level German speakers, test your dialect skills of Low German in Hamburg, Central German in Leipzig or Upper German in Munich. If your students are ready for a cultural exchange with local German citizens, explore the wondrous Neuschwanstein Castle, or make German food with a live culinary class. Germany awaits your students and blossoms with history and culture to explore.

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Italy Language Immersion Trips

The Italian language is rich with vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, semantic nuances and a rich history stemming directly from Latin. The beauty of the language truly reflects the beauty of Italy itself. While on your trip you will fully embrace the language as you take in famous artworks, landmarks, cuisine and tales of its storied history. There is no shortage of places to visit as Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa and Milan top the list. La tua avventura inizia in Italia! Encourage young minds with unique and interactive Italian lessons, exploring the Colosseum and Roman Forum in Rome, or learning about the Michelangelo’s masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture.

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China Language Immersion Trips

Explore China and the rich linguistic history of this country. There are at least eight different groups on top of hundreds of dialects and variations. Most commonly spoken is Mandarin Chinese, which is prevalent in northern and southwestern China in cities like Beijing and Shanghai. While on your adventure you will span the extensive history of the country and the language, not to mention the rich culture and culinary experiences as you order yourself Jiaozi, a traditional dumpling. Come experience language lessons and meals with families, explore the caves of a Thousand Buddhas, or even feed pandas at the Dujiangyan Center. Turn some ears as you converse with locals and expand your use of the Chinese language in this language immersion trip.

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Japan Language Immersion Trips

Are your students ready to discuss Japanese regions and landmarks with citizens, explore the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site the Itsukushima Shrine, or even take part in an authentic Japanese calligraphy activity, grand museums and engaging attractions? Japan is an educational destination that is full of language immersion opportunities. Students will explore the Imperial Palace with its stunning 17th-century parks, discover breath-taking Kyoto, Japan’s most important cultural center and its museums and paintings or the magnificent seventh-century Kofuku-ji Temple. A language club trip to Japan is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

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Montréal Language Immersion Trips

Montréal is the second-largest French-speaking city in the world, behind Paris. Explore the beauty of Canada and the historic city of Montréal! Established in 1642, this city is a hybrid of both European and new world flare. Fully immerse yourself in the French language and test your Québécois as your stroll down Rue St. Paul. Grab a bite to eat at a café and don’t forget to try some poutine while dining. Take in the architectural juxtaposition of old and new with styles ranging from French and British colonialism to modern skyscrapers. Enjoy the true beauty of this city and all it has to offer along with interactive and educational workshops that will challenge all levels of language students.

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Mexico City

Mexico City Language Immersion Trips

Discover the mystics of the Mercado de Sonora, enjoy the 66,000 pieces of Central American and European art at the Soumaya Museum or brave the crypt of a former monastery school, filled with mummies! Along with grand museums and engaging attractions, Mexico City is an educational destination full of language immersion opportunities for your Spanish students. Explore the National Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Templo Mayor in Zócalo. Meet Local Mayan Villagers and volunteer with a local community, take culinary classes with Mexican Chefs, be a part of engaging workshops, or jump all in and take an Aztec dancing class. Your trip to Mexico City will enhance learning for your students for years to come.

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New York City

New York City Language Immersion Trips

The Big Apple is the perfect destination to test your Italian or Chinese skills as well as enjoy the greatest city in the world! New York City is the largest city in the United States. The 8.5 million people offer diversity and cultural influence from all over the world. Tour both Little Italy and Chinatown as part of your linguistic adventure through the streets of New York. Speak with 1st or 2nd generation families at small shops, order your lunch at one of the many cultural restaurants and participate in some of the most accomplished immersion language classes. The history lives on with the Museum of Chinese in America as well as the Italian American Museum. Grab a slice of pizza, take in a Broadway show and expose your language club to the city that never sleeps during this language immersion trip.

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Chicago Language Immersion Trips

Chicago is home to a wide variety of different cultures. Take the L with your ED Tour Directors and disembark the Red Line at Cermak-Chinatown. You’ll transport as you are immersed with shops, cafes, tea houses and more. Learn more about the history and language at the Chicago Cultural Center or maybe take a crash course in a Dumpling Making Class. Just strolling the streets of Chicago’s Chinatown will make you feel as if you were in China. Attend one of the many festivals or travel during February for Chinese New Year. Come for the colorful lion dances, procession of floats and celebrate the start of the new Lunar Year. Explore the shops and restaurants of Chinatown Square, opened in 1993, the street art murals and sculptures in Old Chinatow, or discover exhibits of death, life and marriage of the Chinese culture. Your students will also choose from a variety of workshops and even an intensive weekend class.

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Are you ready to create lifelong memories for your students and bring their education to new heights? Contact Educational Destinations today to begin planning your next language immersion trip.

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