Disney Educational Trips

Disney Educational Trips

Disney Educational Trips

Educational opportunities are many at Walt Disney theme parks. For over 60 years, Disney has focused on educational workshops and programs for students. Disney makes it easy for students to develop their skills and grow while they are learning. Accredited partners ensure that Disney educational programs offer sound academic experiences for every curriculum.

A great example, showcasing Disney’s love for wildlife and conservation, is Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida. With over 1,500 animals from around the world, learners can get up close to some of the greatest creatures on earth and in the seas. Hands-on learning is a part of each workshop.

Disney makes certain that there is continuous entertainment in all of its parks, and the production of it is very important. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, students can go from amazing Pixar Place to Animation Courtyard and beyond, even to real movie sets. Along the way, they can learn marketing, filming, story boarding and writing, and more.

Physics, chemistry, science and technology are at your finger tips. Here’s just a few of the programs your students will enjoy:

For learning linked to incredible experiences, an educational trip to Disney parks offers unmatched, truly memorable opportunities! Add one on your next trip with Educational Destinations!

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