Terie Thompson

Operations Specialist

Terie is no stranger to music. Terie's mom was a piano teacher and Terie started taking piano lessons at the age of 4. Since then, Terie has played for many weddings, funerals, and church services. She then picked up the french horn, the flute and marched with the Bonita Vista High School Barons for 3 years. Terie went on to be an interim music director for several churches. Through her children, Terie became involved in high school Marching Band, Color Guard, Wind Ensemble, Orchestras, and the New World Youth Symphony. And this lead to the point where Terie began her Music Travel Consultants experience as a parent chaperone, was invited to become a Tour Director, and then expressed an interest in the details of operations.

Outside of her life of music, Terie has lived in three countries - the Philippines, Canada, and the USA. She has traveled through many of the National Parks in the West as her children grew. Terie's favorite is Glacier National Park. Europe holds a fascination for Terie. She traveled through eight countries in one summer, including visits to family in London and Frankfort. She will always remember visiting Monaco and their pebbled beaches.

Terie's favorite peaceful vacation spot is the south shore of Kauai and her favorite city to explore is Washington D.C.

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