Motor Coach Travel Advice for Student Groups

Educational Bus Travel with Educational Destinations

Motor Coach Travel Advice for Student Groups

If you are a Teacher looking to offer your students inexpensive travel to that once-in-a-lifetime educational opportunity, motor coach travel is much cheaper than flying. Getting there might take a bit longer, but your group can save money and enjoy new scenery. Coach trips are longer than those by air, of course, so it’s important to make oneself as comfortable as possible. The better you are prepared, the better time you’ll have. Don’t forget to bring your sense of humor along, too! No matter how much preparation goes into an educational trip, plans have a chance of being derailed by things beyond anyone’s control.  Issues can pop up like prairie dogs: health emergencies, traffic jams, accidents, funky weather, bus breakdowns, you name it!  Like Farmer’s Insurance, “we’ve seen a thing or two!” Check out this advice for bus travel on educational trips:

General Tips


  • At rest stops, walk around, stretch and move your body as much as you can. “Circulate!”  Wear comfy, loose fitting clothing.
  • Use the restroom at rest stops to cut back on visits to the coach toilet. Most itineraries allow little time to dump the coach’s holding tank.
  • Keep valuables on your person at all times. Although your motor coach seems to be a safe zone, no coach company will guarantee the safety or replacement of anyone’s personal items.
  • Bring along some hand sanitizer – both for the coach ride and to use at meals you’ll eat along the way.
  • Take books and portable devices at your own risk (phones, tablets; leave computers at home). Bring a tiny flashlight for reading. Charge your devices before the trip. Bring your ear buds. Check for places to re-charge your phones and devices.  Most newer coaches have 110-volt outlets in the seating area. WiFi is available sometimes but slow on most coaches (not strong enough to stream). Outlets and WiFi are not always available, so plan conservatively.
  • In case you get a sunny seat, bring something to protect you from the extra heat. Eye masks, neck pillows, hats, and sunglasses are great additions for naps, too.
  • Bring layers of clothing. It can get uncomfortably hot or cold on a coach, especially at night. Consider bringing warm socks, too.
  • Snacks and water are ok – bring them.  Make sure all liquids are in plastic, screw-top bottles. (No glass or cans, please!)
  • Take some wipes and tissues, just in case you need them.

Pro Tips


  • Enjoy stretching out? Go for an aisle seat!
  • Want to stabilize your head?  This window seat’s for you! Set up a makeshift pillow in the corner of the window and the seat.
  • Please remain seated whenever the coach is in motion.
  • Eat healthy foods for a day or two before your trip, so your digestive system is in a good place.
  • Sitting in the middle of the bus is usually the sweet spot, just as an amidships cabin offers less motion aboard a cruise ship.  If you don’t mind a little roller coaster action, and prefer to see where the coach is going, you may like one of the seats up front. Seats in the rear are warmer, but sometimes can be a little bumpy.
  • If you are traveling through the mountains, or on narrow roads, and you have a fear of heights, choose the aisle seat.
  • If your group allows movies on the coach, be sure to get your director’s ok before bringing them on board.

No matter if you are on a trip with Educational Destinations, or are taking Greyhound across the country, we hope these tips help you enjoy the ride and arrive at your destination rested and ready for what’s next!

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