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Finance Specialist

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Lyndee Stisher’s career in music began virtually on the very day she was born, in Northern Indiana. Thanks to dad, Mickey Stisher, Director of Music at LaPorte High School, Lyndee attended her very first marching band show at the age of two weeks. A six-year member of the LaPorte Band Color Guard and LaPorte Winter Guard, Lyndee is proud to call Mickey and Teri Stisher not only the best parents around, but also the very best band director and color guard mom ever!

Graduating from high school in 2011, Lyndee earned her bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Purdue University, in 2015. As an Events Intern for Music for All during the 2016 Bands of America fall marching season, she stayed on with Music for All in the Spring of 2017, as a Seasonal Event Coordinator for the Music for All National Festival. Drum Corps International called soon after, and made her a Seasonal Travel Coordinator for the summer of 2017, coordinating judges’ travels throughout the busy summer schedule.

Self-confessed as someone who posts way too many photos of her adorable nieces and nephews in her free time, Lyndee also makes trips back to LaPorte to work with the high school marching band and winter guard.

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