Jeni Burgett

Operations Specialist

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Operations Specialist Jeni Burgett comes to Music Travel Consultants with a solid background in almost everything except music performance. Although her parents played instruments, and Jeni fiddled with piano and clarinet for a short time, she didn’t really think much about music until her daughter, Morgan, inherited her grandparents’ love and skill for everything musical. Jeni soon found herself immersed in marching band and color guard as a relied-upon band mom. Jeni and husband Terry are big sports fans, and son, Notre Dame grad Austin, has kept them busy with baseball and with his career as a professional basketball player in Europe. Now that Morgan and Austin have left the nest, Jeni and Terry are looking forward to a change of life-style and more travel. As you’d guess, Jeni loves helping others and working through the details to create a great trip. Her work life has been in customer service and education, specifically special needs students. Many parents say they are proud to get their child a job. Morgan Burgett, an MTC Tour Director for over six years, was proud to recommend her mom for the Operations Specialist position that came open at MTC, and she was delighted when Jeni joined the team! So, when you visit the office and the smells coming out of the kitchen invite further investigation, that’s just Jeni, putting together a coffee cake for breakfast or baking fresh chocolate chip cookies to help the staff get through the afternoon!/p>

Talent Meter

Can sleep through a storm.

Probabilitiy of winning a chocolate chip cookie baking contest.

Will wear sports apparel other than Notre Dame...but just once since it is a gift.

Knows all the name of the Golden Girls.