Christopher Frick

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Christopher Frick is an Indianapolis resident. He has been involved in the pageantry arts as a writer, designer, instructor and judge. Chris still teaches many high school groups throughout the mid-west. He is a die-hard Cubs fan, Bleed Blue Colts fan, Pacers lover and Ohio State Buckeye. Chris loves attending Broadway Musicals with his daughter Erin and travels annually to see the Colts at an away venue with his son Jared. Chris’ favorite meal almost always includes tacos, most often with his two granddaughters gathered at the same table. His grandson will soon be old enough for solid food and will likely have no say in his love for hard shells as well. A graduate of Ball State University and OSU, Chris is excited to utilize his marketing degrees at MTC. He was the founder and director of the Adagio Winter Guard and taught both the Bluecoats and Capital Regiment Drum Corps.

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