Blake Bryan

Senior Software Engineer

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Blake Bryan has been a professional programmer since 2005 in various fields such as higher education, aviation, government, and biotechnology, but he has had an interest in code since he was 5 years old and got his first TI-99/4A computer. He graduated with a major in Computer Science from DePauw University, where he met his wife Sarah. They live in Avon, IN and have 2 daughters, Zoey and Rowan. Blake joined MTC in 2018, because of a strong drive to provide new technologies and because of his enjoyment of music and travel. He plays guitar in his free time, but has too many to play them all. He also enjoys weightlifting and road cycling. He and his wife have traveled to Ireland, England, France, and Italy, as well as many places across the US.

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Can do a Rubik's cube in under 2 minutes

Can squat over 300 pounds

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