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There is a reason ED is #1 in Disney Imagination Campus Soundtrack Sessions: Vocal Workshop. View our 2 minute intro video to see what we do for the finest performing arts programs in the world.


Be a part of the Magic with the Disney Imagination Campus Soundtrack Session: Vocal Workshop.

Disney Imagination Campus Soundtrack Sessions: Vocal Workshop

Throughout the workshop, participants will not only hone fundamental skills like breath control and diction, but they’ll also learn how phrasing and dynamics can add emotion to any piece of music. Beyond recording, Disney music professionals will share the high expectations of being a professional vocalist and how to succeed in the field. Endorsed by the National Association for Music Education, this workshop is sure to hit all the right notes for your ensemble.

Workshop Overview

After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Sight-read and record a varied repertoire of Disney music
  • Sight-read, listen, analyze, and describe music
  • Develop and reinforce the fundamentals of musical performance
  • Learn what it's like to work in the music industry as a professional
  • Emphasize intonation, balance, and tone quality while following the conductor's interpretation
  • Incorporate accuracy and expressiveness to maximize rehearsal productivity
  • Discuss the requirements of a studio recording environment and what is expected of performers
  • Evaluate music and musical performances

National Core Arts Standards

Disney Performing Arts Workshops fulfill many of the National Core Arts Standards for creation, performing, responding and connecting. Review the standards explored through this experience.

Is your choir ready for this educational Disney Imagination Campus workshop?

Becoming a part of a vocal ensemble is hard work. Having the staying power to make it through a rehearsal is important for all levels of performers. Requirements: This course has a minimum of 20 participants. Elementary and Middle School ensembles, performers ages 9-13, must provide a video submission. Minimum age is 9 years old.

Disney Imagination Campus Soundtrack Sessions: Vocal Workshop

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