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There is a reason ED is the 1st choice for Disneyland Imagination Campus Dance Stage Performance trips. View our 2 minute intro video to see what we do for the finest performing arts programs in the world.


Be a part of the Magic of Disneyland Imagination Campus Dance Stage Performance opportunities.

Disneyland Imagination Campus Dance Stage Performance Trips

Participants in this amazing experience will learn what it means to be a professional performer both on and off the stage. On stage, they’ll experience the excitement and magic of being a Disney performer. Off stage, they’ll discover the professionalism, excellence and energy that goes into putting on a Disney theme parks show.

The Disney Difference

Disney Imagination Campus performances sets the standard by which all other performance opportunities are measured. Discover the Disney Difference when:

  • Performers are treated as honorary Disney Cast Members for the day
  • Your ensemble’s performance is supported by a professional crew of Disney technicians and a dedicated coordinator
  • Your performers are featured on some of the very same stages where world-class Disney entertainers perform
  • Your group partakes in the magic of our parks with specially priced tickets

National Core Arts Standards

This performance opportunity fulfills many of the National Core Arts Standards for creation, performing, responding and connecting. Review the standards explored through this experience.

Are your dancers ready for this Disneyland Imagination Campus performance opportunity?

With a Disneyland Imagination Campus dance stage performance, your dancers will take the stage at one of the various locations throughout Disney’s four Orlando parks. Reserved for the finest dance ensemble in the world, this opportunity is great for Dance Team, Drill Team, Cheer and Color Guard. Educational Destinations will work closely with Disneyland Imagination Campus to bring your students the best performance and trip possible.

Disneyland Imagination Campus Dance Stage Performance Trip

Ready for a trip featuring a Disneyland Imagination Campus stage performance?

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