Ben Hilmer

Tour Director

Ben grew up in the musical arts, performing with champions of Indiana State Concert and Symphonic Orchestra Competitions, and marching and winning Bands of America Grand Nationals. He marched in the Tournament of Roses Parade, King Orange Jamboree Parade and the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Parade, among others. His first group travel experiences were several sixteen day European tours with the Indiana Ambassadors of Music. Ben started working part-time with Music Travel Consultants in 2008, escorting bands on everything from day trips to Cedar Point to week-long journeys in Italy. Ben's performance and travel histories as a student and educator gave him the insight to create relevant and meaningful trips for his clients. In his free time, Ben enjoys staying active with wife Sarah, setting off on adventures like extreme camping trips, island hopping in the Caribbean and road tripping along the Mediterranean coast. A self proclaimed “car nut”, and “foodie,” his relentless wanderlust, thirst for knowledge, diligence and utmost concern for his clients is very evident in his work.

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